That took me so long to read.
I just didn’t feel like the pace was very fast, so would only read a couple of pages at a time. Whilst the concept was interesting, and it did get to that at the end, I felt it was slow to get going. I did enough learning about this futurist world, I just didn’t really feel the vibe of the writing.
Saying that, the story was very different, and I was impressed by the relationships within the world, and remains to be quite a memorable book for me.

In a world where everyone can run at the speed of light, has a quench for blood and find sunlight painful, Gene has to keep to his father’s rules and blend into their environment for fear of being discovered as a human. For humans are considered a delicacy and are hunted for their blood. When Gene is selected for a once in a lifetime opportunity to hunt the last remaining humans, he must do all he can to stop his constructed life crumbling away from him.

I think I was on the look out for a new read, one that was dystopian, looked mysterious, intriguing and fast paced. And to be honest, the cover and blurb did just that for me. I thought the concept was different to all the other paranormal dystopian novels floating about and I was thoroughly excited to see how Fukuda had constructed such a world.

Yet, when I prized open the cover and started to read the first couple of pages, my initial excitement dwindled. I was still in awe of the concept, but the way in which Gene’s life and surroundings were portrayed were very slow. I felt that it could have been molded a lot better.

There were some very typical elements that were inevitable to happen, it was just a shame I could predict them so easily without being blind sided by the author. It would have been nice to be have been shocked by a revelation. Although intended to be tense, I felt that the pace was lost and I did not feel the hurry to keep reading like I should have felt. The character of Gene was multi-dimensional though, and I appreciated that.

A different approach, I’ll give it that but not portrayed in a way that made me want to keep reading. Which was a shame, because it could have been amazing.


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  1. I totally agree! I pushed on and read the series but I felt a disconnect the whole time and sometimes felt almost like there was a language barrier or something even thought it was plain English lol it was a good concept but it came off a bit odd, thanks for a great review 😊xoxo


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