An Apocalypse story with a difference. I am not quite sure what I was expecting when I picked this novel up, but I am pleasantly surprised with what I just read. It was interesting, diverse and I continually wanted to read more.

Civilizations have been fallen since the dawn of time. Now has come the time for ours to fall. After numerous earthquakes and cities becoming destroyed, people have become crazy. They have turned into hunters, irrational killers. Whilst Mason, Clementine, Aries and Micheal are all fleeing from their own personal horrors, they all fight to survive, and assume safety once more.

Oh. my. god. The imagery within this novel gave me goose bumps! I could fully visualise every little moment that was happening and I was completely immersed. I could picture the devastation, the deterioration of the characters and the whole ambience of the book. Complete genius.

I adored the interweaving of all four of their stories. It is something I absolutely love within a book when done right, and let me tell you this was done right! The building of the state of the world was built just right throughout all four perspectives. Then, to be able to gain context from situations, rather from just one view point. Also, getting to know these diverse characters not only from their own position, but how they are perceived by others nakes for a much more interesting read.

Additionally, the characters all have different takes and perspectives on how they react and view the apocalypse. To be able to gage the extent to which one character may see the devastation in comparison to another which may be in a completely different environment at the same time. Despite this, and to much to my joy, Roberts has given more than one dimension thus creating much more engaging and believable characters.

I honestly liked this take on the apocalypse. It is different to what Ihave read before. Although it is gory and terrifying at times it lures you to read more and more. A read I’d definitely recommend reading!


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