Hmm, okay. With what started off a bit rough, and character tough as hell to get on with – if you don’t mind the pun – the development of the story and characters themselves left this book in my good books. Although, the change of characteristics may have happened a little too fast, it allowed me to enjoy the reading, as opposed to hating everything that was created by Meda. Which I suppose is good as that is how she is meant to make you feel at first, but a little contrast or separate narrative voice may have made her easier to get along with and read about at the beginning.

Meda eats people. Well, their souls. She doesn’t mean to do it and promises she only does it to people who deserve it. Especially as there is no one around to show her otherwise. Then three men in suits turn up, who are like her. Meda thinks she may gets some answers about herself. That is until they almost kill her. Meda is rescued by crusaders, who just so happen to be an elite group who actually wiping out people like her. But if Meda remains innocent and conceals her real identity she may actually be about to find out who she is. As long as she can keep up appearances and keep her hunger away.

The first thought as I read the first couple of chapters of this book was that I could not get with Meda one little bit. I found her to be whiny, frustrating and someone who I was not sure that I could read about for an entire novel. Also, she is created that way it was not a voice I enjoy reading about. However, as the book progresses so does her character. She becomes more bearable and eventually even enjoyable to read about.

The concept of the novel was different and that was definitely a draw for me. Although some aspects did not flow as well as I anticipated, the way that Eliza pieced them together meant that I did not get frustrated or easily bored with the tone or pace at which the novel was set. I was intrigued by the position she placed Meda and the strategies she intended to use to escape. The unfolding of this is what kept me reading.

The concept, however, was pretty good and I enjoyed that aspect of it. I am not however, rushing and eager to read the next book. If it happens to cross my path though, I may be inclined to pick it up.


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