Not what I was expecting at all. But, boy did it give me chills. A refreshing, if yet disturbing YA novel that will leave you thinking about the ending for a very long time.

West has everything. A high school senior, with college prepared. That is until an accident leaves him in the hospital paralysed. West in terrified, drifting in and out of consciousness. That is until he meets Olivia. She reassures him, calms him and West even starts to fall for Olivia. But he can’t figure out why she has been in hospital so long, and why she understands him so much. But as he starts to recover, those questions become bigger than he thought.

This book had a beautifully good tone to it. Immediately from the start I was drawn in. It was not a deeply beginning despite the way the novel opens but at the time has a sombre tone that grasps the reader from the start and refuses to let go until the last page is closed.

The themes within Blink Once are quite deep and harrowing. I was unsure how Busby was going to approach it, yet the way in which the novel is written is sensitive and caring. It grasps the reader, at the same time gently luring them into security.

Even with the twist towards the end, the novel still carries the reader regardless of how harrowing the story. It is a twist I should have seen it but didn’t. For that I am quite glad as for me it made this beautiful story more poinient. Without it, I don’t think the book would have stayed with me quite as well as it has.

Although dealing with a sensitive topic, this novel is poinient and drawing. I guarantee you will remember this story for a very long time.


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  1. Wow now I want to read this book thanks to your review 🙂 I am a huge bibiophile myself. It would mean the world if you could check out my new book reviewing blog, comment and give a follow 🙂 I follow back too!
    Thank you !


    1. Charlotte says:

      I am so glad! I love your theme and the way you write reviews. They are awesome!

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