Excuse me whilst I calm down a bit.
Sometimes my overwhelming excitedness for the Lorien Legacies gets a little bit too much.
Phew. The Fate of Ten did not disappoint. It brought the Loric back to life, smoothly carrying on from their previous escapades and immersing me back into a world that I deeply adore. And to top it off, IT WASN’T THE FINAL BOOK. I don’t think I could be much happier right now.

Now is the time that the Garde have been waiting and training for their whole life. The Mog’s have started to invade Earth. With John and Sam fighting the Anubis that is raining down in New York, split from Six, Marina and Adam who remain in Mexico, the Garde are not in their best position. Needing to rescue Ella from the grasps of Setrakus Ran, and with Five and Nine AOL, they need more than a little help if they have a chance of stopping Earth from being invaded. Good thing Sam developed a Legacy then…

There is not even a moments breath between The Revenge of Seven and this book. Immediately immersed into the action like there wasn’t the whole year of waiting. That is a beauty that never falters in this series. I am at once placed in a world that never felt like I had left, greeting me warmly and urging me to turn the pages as quickly as humanly possible. Hence, I read it in a day. However, I did notice this book was slightly thinner than the others. I would have loved to have had more to read! But then, I always want more when the Lorien are concerned.
The characters were just like old friends and their personalities, although molded by events were still relatively similar. It was refreshing to not have character completely changed between each book. I adored that Sam got a Legacy. Totally deserved. However, bundling the other random people at the end of the book made the gift seem less special. Don’t take that away from Sam!

Watching John’s gradual transaction from Garde to Cepan was captivating and deserving. I cannot wait to see where it carries on to. With the final words of the book, I am desperately clinging onto the hope that John does not completely break. I really hope that it grows his character, although I am fully aware it won’t at first. But I know deep down we will slowly loose the character that started this all.

I adore the emersion on real life New York finally becoming aware of the Loric presence. Witnessing their reaction was done wonderfully. I too loved the battle in the jungles of Mexico. The stark contrast between the scenes was created with such depth. However, the introduction of the Entity/Legacy went a bit too far for me. I almost found it as though the authors struggled where to take it next so created out of body experiences. Although leaving good climaxes at the ends of chapters I felt it dragged a little too long. Even if I did appreciate Setrakus Ra’s origin story. The final parts however drew the story right back to what I love and adore.

Another spectacular read from my favourite series. Pittacus Lore has done it again, and I’m so glad the story is carrying on for another novel. I can celebrate for another year. I cannot wait to see where the Garde are taken next.


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