I’d finally got round to starting Virals after being on my TBR pile months. I’d had a taste of Tory and her pack when I accidentally read Exposure first. Virals, thankfully, lived up to the high expectation and I am now loving reading their story in order.

Tory, the great niece of forensic anthropologist Temperance Brenann, has recently moved to a small secluded island off the coast of downtown Charleston. With her small band of science obsessed friends – cue a heap load of technical jargon – they explore the island and those surrounding it, including the base where all their parents work. However, after rescuing a wolf puppy from a secret lab at the base, they become exposed to a strain of parovirus that leaves them less than normal. With their heightened canine abilities, they must try and solve a cold case murder.

I had read Exposure, so was expecting a hell of a lot from this book. And although I honestly don’t think it was as good as the fourth book, it still held its own.

I liked the map at the beginning. Visual reference always helpful and quite interesting as an introduction and got me instantly intrigued.

The novel established Tory, Ben, Hi and Sheldon well. I like that we got to spend a hefty amount of time with then before anything major started really happening. I like that I could get to understand their personalities and relationships without being bombarded with mystery in the process. To be able to fully get my teeth into the main characters was beautiful.

There were so many strands to try and keep hold of once the book got into its full flow. Although all tied together at the end it could have got confusing and I had to remind myself at times as to what was going on. However the tension caused by this made for an exciting read.

Some parts I did find bizzare and a bit over the top. The need for guns and masked men, seriously? A little over the top for my personal taste. I was quite happy without it. Although it did add some validity to the pack solving it themselves. I just kind of wished it was approached another way.

The ending was rushed and completely blinded sided me. Now, normally I would enjoy that but made the end feel a bit disjointed. Another chapter may have been useful so I felt at ease with the ending and didn’t feel like we had just run out pages. However, because of this I am excited for the next installment.

Exciting, intriguing and leaving me wanting canine powers. I hope that Seizure gets even better and becomes the brilliance that Exposure was and Virals had the potential to be.


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