Take two of the Virals pack, and I must admit this time was more exhilarating than the first. One the search for pirate treasure and their senses being drawn into overdrive more frequently, Seizure was a much worthy sequel to the original Virals.

Tory and her pack who reside on Morris Island are starting to learn to live with the parovirus that causes them to go into sensory overdrive. But when Loggerhead Island and subsequently Morris Island loose their funding from Charleston University, Tory and her pack are threatened to be ripped apart forever, unless they can find an alternative source to fund the islands. Like lost treasure, for example?

Well, I actually quite enjoyed this novel. It was a really good progression of the characters that we were introduced to in the first novel. The first couple of pages felt like they dragged just because it was recapping previous important information. Although perfect for someone who picked up the novel in the wrong order, or had long gaps between reads, for someone like me who read the series in succession it felt like a bit of a block until the fresh novel started. However, I wouldn’t change it because I know how handy it can be!

The characters did not change much at all and this is an aspect I like. I hate it when they don’t have the same traits that they held in the previous novel. That continuity was delightful for a easy flow read. It was lovely to become immersed in the pack’s antics once more and I can feel the characters slowly becoming more and more like old acquaintances.

Although the closure of Morris and Loggerhead Island was an interesting and unique path to take, completely different from the previous novel, I had spoiled the outcome by reading Exposure beforehand. It was more when compared to if they save the island. There were numerous twists which made the adventure more exciting, but by the final one it felt a tad repetitive. However, it meant the novel was fast paced, which was wonderful and demanded that I read more.

More involvement of Aunt Temp was refreshing and her appearance was something that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Although the pirate treasure was a bit cliché for my liking, and I thought would not be as engaging as I hoped, the Reichs’ proved me wrong. Which I was very pleased about.

Seizure was thrilling, engaging and a perfect sequel to get to know the Virals better. I cannot wait to get my hands on Code. Take me to the nearest book shop now!


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