That third Virals book caught me by surprise, made me run around and then shook me with an ending that I couldn’t guess for the life of me. Although I still lacked the allure that I was engulfed in books one and two, this Virals book still remained up there with some of my favourites.

When the pack find a geocache hidden on Loggerhead Island signed by the allusive Gamemaster they are all intrigued to find the next clue and play along in this little game. However, when the next clue nearly harms Coop and let off an isolated bomb on the mainland, the pack suddenly realised The Gamemaster isn’t playing silly games. Trapped into carrying on the game, the pack must figure out all the clues in time before any more people come to harm.

This was a different turn for Tory and her pack. I was really intrigued by how Brendan and Kathy were going to expand on the pack’s adventures whilst keeping the high, intense mystery that ram throughout the previous two books, yet still remain a fresh and rewarding read. And I must say they have achieved it well. I was enthralled by what The Gamemaster had up his sleeve and which new low levels he was willing to stoop to at each new round.
I was impressed by the clues that had been sowed, even if some were impossible without expert knowledge. Thank God the guys have luck on their side and good connections! However, I did feel very pleased with myself as I got the chemical equation clue before the pack did. A satisfied sigh escaped my mouth as I figured it out on the train. Just more proof I should be a Virals *hint hint*.
I would have liked to have seen some more character development. Tory, Hi and Shelton all seem to be the same as when I first started reading about them. Although interesting and reliable, it can be a bit predictable. Shaking it up would be nice. Or even adding another character into their close knit group, just to see how they react around a completely new person that is their own age. Ben’s character change was delightful, even if moody! It was nice to see a different side of the characters I have grown to love. Even if I am completely baffled by the revelation at the end. It made no sense at all. It did provide some beautiful dynamics though, and that I really appreciate.
I am dying to carry on the Virals adventure and cannot wait to see what the final installments have for me. Now excuse me whilst I refresh my memory with a re-read of Exposure.


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