I definitely think that this Virals installment has to be my favourite by far at the moment. Everything that I wanted to expand and develop the Virals book was rolled up and bound in this book of beauty. I learnt so much more about the Virals themselves,  got introduced to an array of characters that were diverse and interesting and a plot that I couldn’t get out of my head. KATHY AND BRENDAN YOU HAVE DONE IT AGAIN!

When twin classmates disappear from Bolton Prep, Tory and the Virals take it up themselves to solve the kidnappings. But with their powers growing more and more wild with time and Chance Claybourne investigating them, they aren’t sure how long they can control their changes and keep them hidden.

I thought the Virals series was good. But this beauty makes it damn right excellent. It extends the story, takes it to new and exciting places as well as keeping to the style that I have grown to love. This Virals books is what I have been waiting for.

I loved the topics that were approached in this novel. The fact that the Virals powers started to merge was a wonderful extension to the story. I liked that their unknown powers had started to become a hindrance, because although down right amazing they definitely required some edge to them at the same time. And this proved a perfect balance.

I could rejoice when Chance finally became suspicious again! It surprised me how long they had kept everyone in the dark. Everyone in Charleston is either blind or completely gullible. And then end. Omg the end. I adored it, and completely opened it up for the next book. It was what the series needed.

I was unbelievably happy at the introduction of Ella. Another, alternative character to bring out Tory was what I wanted when I finished the last book. And it happened! She gave a side that couldn’t have been unlocked in Tory in any other way.
The kidnappings and investigation just kept my mind working throughout the entire book. Talk about an intriging mystery!
Oh, Exposure! You are just what Virals needed. A refreshing entry back into the pack. I am desperate to finish the last book and find out what is going to happen next. Good thing it’s the next book on my list!


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