Wow. That last installment of the tantalising Virals series left flying through the pages, perched on the edge of my seat with goosebumps on my skin, and an ending that could have gone anyway. As usual I was gripped by the antics of the pack and their final adventure was one of their finest.

Tory and her pack are not the only set of Virals in Charleston. Branding themselves the Trinity, the red-eyed Virals are stronger and faster than the amber ones. Determined to make sure that there are only one set of Virals left in town, the Trinity are forcing Tory and her friends out, invading all the places that they hold dear to them. On top of that, shady men have been asking questions about Tory, and with their presence becoming ever closer, the Trinity are not Tory’s only threat.

I can’t quite believe the series is over. I raced through them, devoured the adventures of the pack and I must say my time with these books have been well spent. Whenever there was a need to be fresh, or bring something different, the Reichs did just that. It meant the story lines were always fresh, and the main characters were shown to have numerous sides after each novel. A feat which always leads to a series that is great.

This final novel incorporated all the novels and tied them together, and as soon as I realised that I must admit I giggled with glee a little. The use of the agents, interviewing previous antagonists and looming over the pack as a real and serious threat that has been possible in the past really makes it feel like the finale of a fantastic series. Although each story was separate, this makes them feels all as one with the interceptions of the transcripts. A beautiful touch, I thought.

The Trinity posed as another wonderful threat to Tory and her pack. To see others that could do what they could do put a prospective on that was previously not seen. And their physical need to avoid to detection played out with such drama and tension. Although a brilliant twist, I was a little disappoint with the identity of the Trinity as I felt it unravelled the previous novel a little bit and a complete character alteration for one. The resolution sat better with me for it though. Similarly, I adored that Chance had a centre role in this novel. He is such a diverse and brilliantly built character, I always love to see more of him. Seeing another go through the transformation that we witnessed so long ago was lovely and nostalgic. Even if I did find his crush on Tory strange and a little creepy.

Omg, there was a reference to Catfish in this novel. Made my day, that did! I love it when two of my favourites collide!
I fell in love with the ending, and for once was happy for love. And that final sentence. I think I melted.
A brilliant finale to an absolutely fabulous set of books. I’ll remember these for a long time.


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