Oh damn. That was SOOO much better than I had ever anticipated. With intense action, unpredictable characters and a storyline that was full from start to finish and hardly ever took a breath, I can tell from this initial book that this series is going to be explosive.

Twelve teenagers from the twelve original ancestors from when time begin. Each of their mark cemented in the Earth’s heritage. For generations and generations the lines have trained their designated recipients to the highest possible form of combat, in preparation for the Endgame. The Endgame, a time when world decides that it should have a new start and wipe everything out expect the winning heritage of the The Endgame. When 12 meteorites fall across the world, those in line know this is the start. Having to leave everyone they know behind and utilise everything they have taught to let them and their lineage survive.

I picked this book up because of the name James Frey. I adore his other work and couldn’t wait to read this novel, especially with such a riveting premise. And I honestly must say I was not disappoint. The eye catching gold cover was one not to be missed. The chunky book took all my attention, I was desperate to discover more as there were so many twists and turns in the book, it was completely unpredictable.

All the reviews that I have encountered so far liken Endgame: The Calling to a rip off of The Hunger Games. I’m sorry, but these people have clearly not engaged with the book past the blurb. Because this book had a whole different premise. This book happens in a reality that is possible today. Not futuristic dystopia, no repression, and no disadvantage. These hard-hitting teens have been extensively trained for this particular mission. It is hardwired into their system, and although they are not expecting it to happen in their time, are ready for anything that comes their way.

I really liked the way this novel was told. I’m captured by anything that is told in alternative narrative, and in this type of setting makes for a much more exciting read. Being able to understand most of the characters thoughts, process and actions without presumptions from other characters, but at the same time can see how they appear to the other characters. It definitely makes the reading experience a much more wonderful one.

Adding an array of colourful characters was a drop of genius. Although all with the same goal and a lot of the same skills, their perspectives on the Endgame was wonderful and meant the story varied. The addition of Christopher also created a contrast between the Players and a normal person. A clarity that was appreciated, even if you knew exactly what his fate would be.

The clues that were woven throughout the novel went completely over my head. Whilst there was some parts I understand, the majority of it completely bypassed me. Good luck to the people trying to solve that! I do think it is an astounding idea.

This book was a brilliant and exhilarating read. One that I sped through and was desperate to know more and more about these Players. I’m intrigued by the puzzle woven throughout and cannot wait for the sequel.


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  1. Bloggin' Bethany says:

    I will have to check it out! I’ve heard a lot about it but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet, if you want to check out my book blog go to https://simplybethanysite.wordpress.com


    1. Charlotte says:

      Yes, do! Definitely worth a read. I will do! It’s lovely to meet you 😀


  2. Great review Charlotte! I’ve been waffling over whether to try this since it came out, mainly because of the negative reviews and controversy over Frey. I think I’ll try this on my next visit to the library. 🙂


    1. Charlotte says:

      Thank you! It was only after I read the book that I saw the reviews, and I think I may have been a bit guarded if I had read them before to be honest. I am glad I didn’t though! Yes, definitely one to check out when you can!

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