Mystery, suspense and a need to find out the truth kept me turning the pages of this little beauty that I found whilst browsing the library. In less than a commute to work and back I had devoured the novel from cover to cover effortlessly and left satisfied with this read by the end.

When Morgan uploads a goodbye picture of her boyfriend three months after his death to a social media sites, the site’s facial recognition suggests she tags him as Evan Murphy. A boy who looks exactly like her boyfriend. Although she doesn’t know Evan, he lives in a nearby town and is very much alive. When she starts to search for Evan, Morgan starts to question everything she knew, from the death of her boyfriend Flynn’s secrets, the town she lives in and her parents involvement in a mass of lies.

I was intrigued by the whole mystery element that surrounded this book. The idea of hidden identity captured me straight away. I love it when a book demands the reader to think, leading them in numerous directions to then blind side them with the truth. Although some parts of the plot I could guess and piece together easily, there were others that left me little bit more puzzled. And I think that was the reason why I flew through this book.

I wasn’t a massive fan of the characters if I’m honest. Many of them were flat, which worked perfectly well for the storyline, but made them forgettable. I really like it when there is an unexpected flaw in a character, that is different from the personality that is shown at first. The only character that displays this is Cooper and that is only right at the end. By giving more dimensions to other characters, such as Morgan’s best friend, Flynn or Evan would make the mystery even more exciting.

I like the structure of the town in which Morgan lived. It’s bleak and derelict atmosphere was the perfect setting, and different to settings I had seen before. It meant there could be more hidden within the story itself and reveals could be placed around any corner. I did enjoy reading about the abandoned entertainment centres and luxury houses.

This novel had a good storyline that was dowsed in mystery. Although the characters weren’t three dimensional, the story kept me reading and left an intriging final reveal.


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