Continual paranormal button kicking in this emotion fuelled sequel to Unbreakable. I saw this sequel in the library and after thoroughly enjoying the first book last summer I knew that I had to check it out. And I am so glad I did. It was mean, ferocious and damn right full of demons. And a hell of a lot of emotional turmoil with an ending that leaves you desperate for the next book.

Once Kennedy released demon Andras into the world. Taking the form of anyone possible and responsible for mass death across the country and further afield, she knows she has to find a way to stop and destroy him. Once she is reunited with Jared and the Legion. But knowing she may not be one of them, it is not only Andras she has to uncover – it’s secrets in her own family too.

Straight into the action and just how I like it. No faffing about with “here is what happened previous”, it is directly into where Kennedy is now and her next steps. This just sets the pace up for the whole book, and I am so glad that it continues this way. It means that the books is jammed pack, with no pauses, or breaks. Unputdownable wonderfulness.

I love Kennedy’s attitude. Although it starts to fray a bit in this novel, her strength and attitude is one not to be messed with. Her ability to adapt to any situation is admirable without being ridiculous. A strong female protagonist that is unpatronising and likeable. A decent balance of characteristics which creates a great atmosphere within the novel.

Although their luck is something that is questionable, the twists thrown into this novel take it further. I like that Kennedy being in the Legion is not straight, it gives it dynamic and another purpose than just finding Andras. Similarly, introducing her best friend into the group created a fresh and human perspective. This was equally as interesting as when it was revealed who Andras had taken control of. Leaving an ending so open, vague and emotionally draining is not good, especially as I now have to wait for the next book to come out.
This face paced, jammed packed, emotionally saturated book is a brilliant sequel to Unbreakable that is leaving me desperate for Garcia to release the next book as soon as humanly possible.


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