The Calling was so good, I wasn’t sure if Frey and Johnson-Shelton could even muster to that again. But Sky Key went above and beyond any of my expectations. With both the right mix explosive and emotive element, Sky Key left me on the edge of my seat for the entire 480-something pages.

With the Earth Key being recovered, and only nine players left in the Endgame, the race is on to reach the Sky Key. With some players determined to stop the Endgame altogether, and others out solely for blood the dynamics of the game is shifting. The Makers are not standing back either. Interfering with the game, changing the rules and acknowledging the public, the game to save humanity can stay a secret for much longer.

What a wonderfully fitting sequel. Not only was there many more twists, turns and unexpected events, but capturing the Players in a different light was one that made this book shine brighter than the first. Instead of having to establish twelve or more different characters, as a reader you were given more time with each character and understand their motives, desires and fuel. It made for a much more interesting read, as I felt the book was deeper than the first could even imagine to be.

That book was so damn emotional. An aspect that completely blindsided me. I didn’t realise how much I had invested into this book until the first significant killing happened. Numerous whispered nooo, and ‘they can’t’ occurred as I turned the pages over and over wishing it to unhappen. Because of the numerous story lines, you can become attached to so many characters at the same time. Whilst you will someone on, you can be on the other side wanting the complete opposite to happen. Although bizarre, it was an absolutely wonderful way to read a book. I adored it.

The actions were incredibly fast paced, and the characters becoming even more interwoven and overlapping made for a more intense read. I really liked the relationships and connections of the characters and how they related in each others presence. The settings in which they encountered also exposed parts of their personality which were completely different. Seeing different sides meant this book was so fresh.

Once again I was completely baffled by the game within it. But it didn’t affect what I read, I just wanted to be smart enough to unravel it!

This book was insane and a very fitting sequel to The Calling. It had the best balance and I could not stop reading at all. This wait for the next book is going to kill me.


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