Throughout the entirety of this book I was consistently left on the edge of my seat. Action came from left, right and centre in this sequel, with a mirage of events the all moulded into one exciting read. Through numerous view points that left tension high as read, willing the fate of each character, I was exhausted by the end and need to know how their story concludes.

Aries, Clementine, Michael and Mason are all still clinging onto survival in an abandoned Vancover house. With the Baggers claiming more and more people, the threats to their lives becomes even worst.

This jumped straight back into the action, which I loved. Although I did have to be reminded slightly of each characters’ purpose and goal, a couple of pages in and I was at one with them again. I love that each character had a different goal, and their personalities are all diverse, yet mesh at the same time. It leads to a dynamic group atmosphere and fascinating read. It allows for a more depth to the novel and I feel that Jeyn really pulls this off well.

This setting feels more stable. They have a house which is suitable for them to live in at the moment and use their days purposely. They have a support system within each other and I feel this book is more at ease than the last one, regardless of danger stepping ever closer. However, I wasn’t as blown away by the description as I was when I read the first book.

I liked the relationships that had developed within this book. They shaped the way the characters acted and the decisions that they made, thus an interesting read. It is a wonder to see the difference in perspective in comparison to the last book. It wasn’t too much either, just the right amount.

Time did jump about a bit within this book and sometimes I was confused as to how much time had passed.

This was a thrilling sequel that was just as gripping as the first. I was great to immersed in this apocalyptic world and I am looking forward to the final.


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