When I spotted this little final gem, I knew I had to snap it up at the library. And, oh I am so glad I did. The final chapter of the Nowhere series provided a great resolution to a good series. Even though the ending was a bit forgettable, the rest of the book was full of action that captured the series just right.

Hidden in the mysterious Guild, Jes, Alyn and their friends discover a way to destroy the Pledge and their plans for Nowhere. But the Pledge have even bigger plans. Ones that will cause anarchy across the country. This is if the Guild doesn’t stop them in time.

This flew straight back into the story and I love it when a book does that. Although, I had to refresh myself on some details of this book, it otherwise spoke for itself and I remembered the wonderful story that I had previously read. Again, the characters were just like before and there was no inconsistencies with the precious books. It was nice to be welcomed back into the dysfunctional group for their final chapter.

Deception just kept coming from all angles and I just couldn’t get enough of it. The people that had originally been painted evil were seen like ants to the people that had been introduced in the at the end of the second book. These were the type of antagonists needed to really enhance this book’s narrative and keep me gripped until the very end.

It was interesting as Robinson took this anarchy/dystopia novel further than other novels. Whilst some stop before any chaos erupted this plunged the end right into the midst of it. It was such an interesting read and meant that the book took a more unexpected turn than initially thought and I appreciated that. There was also a nice twist with the disease and loved the message it pulled across. It left an uneasy read to every scene once I learnt about it, but added a good aspect to it.

The very end was a bit forgettable though, and I had to remind myself of how it concluded a couple of days after I closed the final page. But the content inside top that.

An interesting final chapter to a series that was different and intriguing. It was quite sad to say goodbye to the triology.


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