I kept seeing this book pop up everywhere I turned. The vibrant orange cover is hard to miss, and the blurb was pretty interesting. So when I spotted it at the library, it was fate to check it out. And although not my usual go-to read, by the end of the book I was drawn completely in by the web of secrets woven around the twins. Definitely a haunting and unforgiving book despite its bright exterior.

When I first open the novel I did fret that I had made the wrong decision by picking it up. I was daunted by the perspective of 13 year old Noah. I couldn’t find the initial chapters engaging because of this and it did take me while to fully get into the book. I felt it introduced everything pretty slow, and although the atmosphere throughout the book was to piece together their relationship and events in their lives, I felt it could have been more engaging.

The characters that were portrayed in this novel were as vibrant as I would have liked. Although I found both Noah and Jude absolutely wonderful protagonists, well developed with a beautiful array of emotions and diversity throughout them, the supporting characters lacked flavour. The characters that surround Noah and Jude were flat, monotonous and predictable and meant that reading about them wasn’t as good as when it was just Noah and Jude. This did mean that the end was much better than the beginning and the middle. I actually wanted to read the end, rather than just ploughing through it to finish the book.

By the end, Nelson had turned the whole novel around. I adored all of the secrets that were uncovered and the way the whole novel just entwined. I just wish I got that buzz throughout the entire novel.

This novel has a redeeming end that makes it well worth reading. Although it could be emotionally draining, you’ll love Noah and Jude. I’m intrigued to read Jandy Nelson’s The Sky is Everywhere now.


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