This is another book that kept popping up trying to catch my attention. It appeared on numerous lists, recommendations and posts on my feed. So when I spotted the spine in the library recently, I knew that I had to get a piece of the action and find out what the hype was all about. Seriously, after finishing it this bold, brash and eye opening utopian book is one that people shouldn’t miss out on reading. Although, parts made me angry it was refreshing look into a terrifying future.

All eves have been created to be the prettiest and most put together they can be. Since the age of four they’ve have been rigorously trained so that at the age of sixteen a companion may chose them. For Freida and Isabel, the sixteen year is upon them. Whether Isabel can stay at the top, and Freida not much behind will determine the rest of their lives.

The story within the book was interesting. I liked reading about Freida and all the other girls trying to strive in their final year. The future world was one that made me angry, but at the same time was so intrigued to read about because it is one that I haven’t really come across before. But now, it is refreshing and though provoking. It has done it’s job well.

The warped views that came out of the eve’s mouths baffled and angered me incredibly. I honestly felt regressed in the views they were made to believe to have. And the way they were treating themselves and the other eves made me want to climb into the book and get every single one of them out. I had such strong emotions when reading this book, it is crazy how Louise O’Neill’s words can stir someone like that. The way she has created the world though, is a stroke of genius. Whether just to portray how barbaric these misogynistic views of men are, or whether to teach girls self importance and respectful, I feel this book is more than just fiction. It is a discussion that needs to be kept alive for all genders and ages. I haven’t found a book with that amount of movement in a long time. Although the story line seems far fetched and a future completely incomprehensible, the message that are woven throughout and lay underneath make this such an imperative read for all.

I love how diverse the characters were, despite all fitting a criteria of pretty. The spectrum of their emotions, even if their view points were narrowed, explored numerous categories that can affect anyone. There are so many issues tackled, if only shown and resolved in this novel, it shows the diverse affect society has on individuals.

This book has just become a hundred times better in retrospect. Although, when I put it down I loved the book it was and the anger it inspired in me, but thinking over the book I realise how much a genius O’Neill has become.

This book is a need to be read by all, regardless of age or gender. A brilliant and engaging read that tackle topics without even mentioning them.


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