A dark, yet  enlightening future of what may become if the need for a rush becomes life threatening. An interesting and dangerous read that kept me guessing what the outcome was to be right until the end.

There is a new drug on the market. One that will give the greatest high ever, complete for one week. But this drug almost has the greatest come down. One that no can come back back. With the biggest high, comes the biggest price: death. And when Adam gets his hands on a Death pill he is tempted. With no prospects left in life now that his brother has died, his girlfriend has left him and he is destined for a dead end job, he doesn’t see the harm in one last filled week. He doesn’t think he has anything to lose. Until Lizzie shows him that there is everything…

It was impossible to tell where this book was going to end up. Each page lead in a new direction, throwing me off scent and off track at every possible moment. When I thought I knew how the it was going – bam, another twist just to throw me off balance. I knew that there had to be some along the way, there was no way a Melvin Burgess book would be so straight forward, but the angles he kept throwing in were impossible to guess or predict. I had an incline that may Jess wasn’t dead, but the way the Burgess wrote the story left me unsure. It had a feeling of Kevin Brooks’ The Bunker Diary about it and I feared it would have an ending to match that propotion and I believe that is what played in the back of my mind the whole time.

The atmosphere and writing style was very similar to Brooks’ too. The unpredictability stirred from this style that was easy to read yet hard to grasp as in the way it was written. It was hard to guess what was next as it kept slipping. It made for such an interesting read. I was constantly sat at the edge of my seat.

It helped that the characters were all so diverse and multi-dimensional. They were such a dream to read about as they were all such colourful personalities that urged you to read more. They definitely helped make the novel, especially as they are characters that I don’t tend to read about.

I sped through this book. Adam’s week, and the desire to discover his fate as well as all the mysteries tied up within it were a need to carry on quickly. An intriguing book with an end I was extremely happy and satisfied with. A good, yet dark read all round.


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