After finishing the first book in this series, I knew I had to get my hands on the sequel. With such luck I discovered this little beauty in the library that very same day and cracked the spine immediately. Taking less than two commutes to work I closed the last page feeling a mixture of emotions.I enjoyed the thrill, the mixture of emotions and the rush of not knowing what turn Susanne Winnacker was going to take next. A fitting read to follow on from Impostor.

Tessa has just come back from her first mission. Things are looking up for her and Alec, and she is finally getting what she wants. But it is tense at the FEA as agents are disappearing, with the culprits likely to be Abel’s Army. When Tessa’s best friend Holly is taken, Tessa knew they were trying to take her and will do everything in her power to get her best friend back.

This sequel became much more gritty. Rather than focus on Tessa’s development with her power and comfort, this book destroys any preconceptions that I had. It meant that there were so many twists and turns – some that I could guess but others that I couldn’t – that led to ending that was fitting but completely different to what I was expecting when I first started the book.

I know this sounds weird, but I love the deterioration of the FEA. I love it in a book when an organisation is not as it seems and Tessa’s continual lack of trust help destroy the perfect image. It paved way for a much more action packed second half of the book and continual questioning as to who was good and who wasn’t. I knew that the borders were going to be blurred, and just made everything I read have that little bit more edge. I am so glad that another mission was started off, as it felt like this book didn’t abandon the feel the other book had. I enjoy seeing how they intercept and deviate real life. It makes it so interesting.

I am so glad that we got to see more of Devon in the second half of this book. I like his character, power, demeanour and whole presence that he adds to the book. I am glad that Susanne Winnacker decided to keep his character in and give him a significant role. I just wish the same had been done for Phil too.

I really liked the developments in this book. Although some I had good guesses and inclines about, other twists took me by surprise. A good sequel with an ending that left me desperate to know what is going to happen to Tessa and her views and powers next.


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