To be honest I’m always going to be captured by parallel universes. It interests me the way the author is going to portray the way the universes interact, or how the characters react to them. Even more so by the world’s that are created around them. This is what caught my eye when I picked up this book. Whilst it was interesting with a storyline that I wasn’t sure was going where, the ending got me. Although bizarre and quite morbid, it was an ending that I enjoyed and wasn’t a cope out like some other stories similar to this can be.

When Ella wakes up one morning things are not as they seem. People around her look slightly different, her appearance has changed slightly, her friends no longer recognise who she is and her whole life has been rewritten in one night. With no evidence of her of her old self, and no one else any the wiser, Ella becomes stuck in a life she doesn’t remember or particularly want.

The cover is catching, I like it.

This took a bit of time to get going. There were some parts that were a bit tedious, and the full momentum of the story took time to get into. As the story jumped straight into Ella’s new life, building up what she already new took some time to explain. Although a little time in Ella’s previous world would have erased this, I enjoyed the straight move into the parallel world. Telling what Ella felt natural, and what was new to her did make reading it a little bit more work.

I really liked the characters within this book, even if their alternate selves were a bit bland or conventional. It was good to see that some had multi traits, and these made some characters a lot more interesting to read about. I’d like to heard more about Dom and his part, rather than focus so heavily on Deeta and Will/Billy. These totally put you into Ella’s world and the isolation she was facing.

The ending was my absolute favourite about this book. I’m not being harsh and saying because it ended – oh no – but for the sole reason it did something different. The suicide was a surprising twist that I was oblivious of. I should have seen it coming. But instead Hilary Freeman gives us the alternate endings. Not just the two time lines that had been following, but a third. It almost gives a satisfactory resolution to each scenario and it was the perfect ending to a parallel book in my opinion.

Although a slow start, the endings really brought this book into my good book. A light and refresh read of parallel universes that is definitely worth a try.


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  1. Wow, that cover! Sounds like a great book 😀


    1. Charlotte says:

      It’s pretty cool! Yeah, it is. Definitely worth a read!

      Liked by 1 person

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