This story had a premise that I was really interested in. I mean give me murder mystery teamed with paranormal most days and I am off. Flying through the book. But for some reason, whether it be the festive season, or my lack of free time over the past couple of weeks, this book took me longer to read than anticipated. It definitely wasn’t the storyline. That was a great read. I think I just wish I could have devoted more time to the book to really get into it. Then I could really give it the praise it deserves.

I love the picture of the girl on the cover. She’s beautiful and striking. Always a way to get me to pick up a book with a stunning portrait on the front.

I absolutely loved the beginning of the novel. To start straight into the thick of the novel and place the reader right inside Aidan’s mindset and mental state. This raw start really got me, and I throughly enjoyed and was captured into learning more about Aidan’s next moves. To understand how he turns from being so fragile himself into an amateur detective. Definitely such a good start.

I thought the sheer extent of Aidan’s torture was far fetched, even if the enormity of it emphasised his isolation. He need to cling onto Slaine when she makes herself known and to involve himself as much as he does. I absolutely love the beacon of light that is Podge. He was a great character to ground Aidan as well as aid him. I just honestly wish that more time in the novel was devoted to him. He helped make it a great read.

I thought that throughout the book I was be more focused on whodunit, the clues and Slaine’s ghost. However, I was more intrigued by Aidan’s state and being. The more realistic tones of the novel. That is what I think I found great about it, that it could flip my interest without explicitly doing so.

Honestly, a great read with a storyline that is intriguing from start to finish.


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