I immediately feel completely in step with The Naturals once more as soon as I cracked open the first page. With crimes that weave seamlessly with the Naturals themselves, Jennifer Lynn Barnes has created another thrilling, unputdownable read.

Honestly,  after reading the first book in which the cover stays with a similar style I don’t think the cover does the book justice. The story is so much grittier than the bold font and girl give it credit for. Which is shame, as it might be off putting for some people and they may miss on such a thrilling read.

Cassie is settling back into the elite FBI program after the near miss with her unhinged aunt. But when bodies start turning up murdered in a similar style to Dean’s notorious and incarcerated serial killer father,  it isn’t long before the Naturals are drawn back into a real case, even if their help isn’t particularly wanted.

There was such a smooth transition between the two books, it was almost as if they were one. Which is an absolute delight to read when continuing on with a series one after the other. Although there were parts that explained the events of the previous book, it didn’t hinder the flow of reading. Just allowed the reader right into the lives of The Naturals as if you were one of them.

The idea of this storyline made my toes tingle. I honestly thought it was a great tie between relations in the house and the outside world. To get into the inner workings of Dean and his father, to get that closer to an investigation without reading from the serial killers point of view was one that was refreshing, even if horrifying at times. It made it so much more exciting to read, and I finally after two book got on with the killer mind sections and started to embrace them.

I was not disappoint with this brilliant sequel. Dare I say I preferred it better than the first. Next Naturals book please!


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