Once I closed this book I felt an affinity with this story. Not because I could relate to Rafi, but it was so delicate and insightful that Laura Jarratt made me think I did. This book was incredibly hard book to put down with a story that I think will be hard to forget.

Rafi hasn’t spoken in eight years. The last person she spoke to was her older brother Silas. Rafi idolises him, and when he helps out his friend Josie by hacking her ex’s site for trashing talking her, Rafi loves him even more.
She even makes a friend out of Josie, her first in a very long time. And a reason to want to start speaking again. And when Silas’ attention is turned elsewhere, Rafi will do anything to keep her brother safe.

This was written incredibly well. I really enjoyed reading a previous book of Laura Jarratt’s, Skin Deep, so I kept an eye out for a copy of Louder than Words as I knew this book would be anything if good. The writing is better than the previous book, I feel like Jarratt puts you right into the head of Rafi. Even if you never understood her reasons for silence, once I read this book I feel like I definitely do now. It is an incredible find when a book achieves this and leaves for an incredible read.

The characters in the book were ones that were easy to read about. They had colour in their personalities which made them an interested read. I wanted to carry on reading without thinking ‘ergh, just get on with this character!’. A very enjoyable aspect to this book.

The storyline was quite different to ones I have read before. It was actually quite refreshing and I think that made it a lot more enjoyable. I wanted to understand the experiences that were breached in the story and it made for a much more enjoyable read. It was from a prospective that I hadn’t read, or considered before and I thoroughly enjoyed the world through Rafi’s eyes. The added storyline of Silas made it that bit more thrilling.

A delightful book with a story that it memorable and will stay with the read for a very long time.


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