I think I may have found another one of my favourite authors. With a book that contains such harrowing subjects, a mystery that kept me on my toes the entire novel and an ending to die for, I don’t think I could ask for much more from Jennifer Shaw Wolf in this book. It definitely ticks all of the books.

Allie loses everything the night her boyfriend Tripp dies. He was her life, and now she struggles to function. It doesn’t help that she has lost her memory from that night and cannot remember those last moments with Tripp. As she slowly tries to piece her life back together, she hopes she can remember to help put it at peace. But as she does, it wasn’t the perfect couple they played out to be, and secrets she was struggling hide break the surface once again.

To start off with, I really like the title of this book, and the cover. Interesting and intriguing, definitely a good start.

Honestly this book had everything that I could want and more. It was something that I hadn’t expected when I picked up the book. But in those first couple of pages I was captured. You know when you get a warm tingling feeling that you know you are in for a good, engaging read? This book emanated that.

The approach of Allie’s abusive relationship broke my heart to read it. This was especially hard to read near the beginning as I was not expecting it at all. It took the book down a path that was much darker than I was expecting the mystery to go, but added an element that set this book apart. It made it much more than just another murder mystery. I think this realism made Allie as a character more engaging and one that I wanted to continue reading about. Allie as a character had been created to enhance the connection between main protagonist and reader that is sometime lost with a simply “murder” mystery.

I adored Allie’ twin brother. With Jennifer Shaw Wolf giving him a cerebral palsy it allowed for another side of Allie show through, as well as emphasising the bond they have. The way he is described gave him the identification needed to understand bond between the twins. The fierce loyalty and love he demonstrated towards Allie was one that was admirable to read. Also, I loved the portrayal of his girlfriend too. A good element to add to the story.

The mystery of what happened to Tripp was one that I thought I grasped many times throughout the book. It was good to keep guessing, and I although by the middle I thought I knew what had happened, it still broke my heart to read. The mystery didn’t overshadow the other important topics in this novel and for that I am glad. Watching Allie piece her life back together, with the help of her twin brother and the cute Blake was the highlight of the book.
This book was absolutely amazing and had everything I could ask for in a book. So many emotions played out, and I could happily read it again and again.


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