I went and saw The 5th Wave at the cinema the other day – and trust me it was goood, a lot more enjoyable and action packed than I could imagine – and it inspired me to go pick up the next in the series. And by pure luck, I spotted it riding the shelves of Brighton library that very next day. Whilst I honestly thought it was so much better than the first book, I wasn’t as gripped as I would have liked to have been. There was so much, yet so little going on. A juxtaposition, I know, but looking back is definitely how I felt throughout the book. It was good to see more of Cassie, Ben and Ringer, and the cliff hangers were good, if frustrating but still not a book I’d shout to recommend.

Cassie, Ben and Sam managed to escape Camp Haven once Evan blew it up thanks to Ringer and her squad. However, they are now all on the run from the others, and have to remain in hiding for fear of being hunted. Trying to find other places that are safe, as well as keeping the hotel they are residing in safe too. With Ben injured, Cassie restless as to the unknown nature of Evan and everyone else on edge. Not knowing the depths to which the Others will sink, they are preparing themselves for the inevitable.

It had been quite a while since I had read The 5th Wave. To be honest, I had to refresh myself on how I felt about the book because quite frankly I couldn’t remember. I knew that I enjoyed the film, but once I read back my review I remembered I wasn’t as enthusiastic about the book. However, the bits I got frustrated at, such as Cassie’s indecisive tone, was shook up with this book as there was a lot less of her voice. I think this made her a lot more tolerable and didn’t mind reading the events through her narrative. The mixture of more voices led for a much more pleasant read – with less groans of annoyance – and made the read rather quick, which is always a good sign.

I liked the voice of Ringer. She was refreshing opening of the book, even if it felt a bit disjointed. The sheer amount of time left between her narratives though left it a bit disjointed. I almost completely forgot about her, and then -wham- hit at the end with a massive section regarding her. With the multi narratives it worked well in the middle, where they swapped frequently. Also, there was a lot of focus on feelings, angered emotions and injuries. I missed the action that was sparked in the first book.

I appreciated getting to know what Evan was like before Cassie discovered him. It added a human element to him, even though it made him less human – if that makes any sense. And to see another in his position but with a completely different stance was a good balance.

Cliff hangers were left left, right and centre. And by centre, I mean literally. Narrative cut off for most of characters after the explosion. Although frustrating, I really liked the technique and I genuinely want to find out their fate. It does make me sad though, Pound cake was an interesting character and I would have loved to have gained more from him. His back story was good though.

I thought the best part of the book was the final parts, with Ringer getting caught. The tension was risen here, even if surrounded in mystery. I like her approach and character, much more than Cassie and her pining for Evan.

Again, I thought this book was okay. A better book than The 5th Wave but not without its flaws. However, the demanding cliffhangers mean I’d be tempted but the final book. Even if purely to see where the end takes it.


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  1. Confessions of a BookaHolic says:

    I totally agree! It felt like there was so much going on, but so much I was missing at the same time. Apparently it’s supposed to be a puzzle for us to figure out- however, I just wasn’t getting it. Great review 🙂


    1. Charlotte says:

      Yeah, I definitely didn’t get the puzzle if there was one haha. Thanks!


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