After the wonderful and surprising success of Jennifer Shaw Wolf’s first book, when this one caught my eye in the library I just knew I had to snap it up. And whilst her wonderful style and intriguing writing remained I wasn’t as grip with this story as I was with her previous one. Nevertheless, it was still pretty darn good read.

Jaycee was the last person to receive text from Rachel that night. Jaycee didn’t answer and two hours later she was dead. They were best friends, before Rachel shut Jaycee out. And in her last text, Rachel suggests that her death that was blamed on a growing gang problem was no accident at all and the culprit lies closer to home.

After reading Jennifer Shaw Wolf ‘s first novel I was so excited to pick this book up. A good murder mystery was a sure with this book and I was keen to delve into this book. The name was ambiguous and I liked the cover – it was appealing.

Jennifer Shaw Wolf ‘s writing style remained wonderful throughout this book. It was smooth and flowed so well. The writing just made me want to read on and on and on. I was able to engage with all the characters in a way that felt natural and not forced. I believe that it takes a good writer to enable this. Otherwise, it completely lacks authenticity.

The story I didn’t find a thrilling as Breaking Beautiful. I’m not sure if it was the storyline or the themes throughout this novel. Although as diverse and different as Breaking Beautiful, I didn’t feel as emotionally connected with this and fear this may have tainted my reading just a little bit. Similarly, I didn’t become emotive with the characters as much with this book and I couldn’t tell if it was they were as diverse, or I just couldn’t relate as much.

I enjoyed the mystery and the twist. Although at first it was hard to guess what happened, once I had it became obvious – even if I didn’t want to believe it. It made for a good ending to the story, even if it did make my head spin a little bit.

Overall, a good book but unfortunately not as gut wrenching and memorable as her first.


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  1. I love your reviewing style you capture your thoughts of the book perfectly! I haven’t heard of this book, but this is a lovely review! -A x


    1. Charlotte says:

      Aw, thank you! I hadn’t heard of it either until I had read Breaking Beautiful and discovered Jennifer Shaw Wolf. You are too kind, thanks!

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