I’m always attracted to the YA with the dark themes. I feel the raw emotion that they grasp is something so gut wrenching to read. So when I nabbed this title recently, it was one that I thought would be up my alley. I was ready for dark and emotional. And whilst at the beginning that was what I got, the more that was discover the more twisted and warped the book became.

Julia is slowly coming to terms with the grief over her best friend’s suicide. Although they had started to drift apart, Julia still cared deeply about Delia. So when Delia’s boyfriend suggests that her death was murder, she is swept into lies and descite.

I was caught by the title of this book – it’s so daring. However, I was expecting more because of it, and is a tad ironic. The cover is beautiful though.

What I first thought was strange about this book was the weird closeness of Julia and Delia’s relationship. Also, nearly dissolved, the flashback of their friendship was heavily reliant on each other. Although it helped to understand the characterisation and personality of both the characters, it was intense and close for both of them. Even after, their need for each other is one that I found strange, yet entirely interesting. Also, it made me desperate to uncover the truth.

The screwed up mystery that the book started with ended up just getting messier and messier. I became more and more intrigued as the more secret became unwoven, and the darker it got the more interested I became. It made for an intense read throughout and hard to put down as I uncovered more and more. The Gone Girl ‘twist’ it encountered was one that I throughly enjoyed and hadn’t read this analogy beforehand so was a decent surprise. A good direction, if I must say so myself. I definitely liked the murder/suicide/rescue twist.

I really liked that the narrative flitted between past and present. It was a great way to become acquainted easily with the characters as well as establishing their intense relationship so easily. I felt like this format made for a much more desirable read too.


I quite this bizarre and mysterious book with so many blind siding twists and weird relationships. A must read, I think.


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