This has been on my TBR list for quite a while. I throughly enjoyed the first book in the series and was always intrigued as to how it would carry on. So when I spotted it recently in the library I did not hesitate to pick up the book. And am I so glad I did. It was a light read, with a lot of action that I was engulfed in from start to finish.

Genie and Rian had thought that they’d beaten The Fortress and stopped the dreadful experiments being conducted. But someone has taken over and determined to know how Genie survived them. One the run, and being chased by anyone and everyone whilst also evading the damning rive and awful mosquitoes, Genie and Rian has to figure out how to stop this whole new threat.

Last time I read this series, I was bathing in the sun and listening to the waves on the beach. Although the scenery was very different for this book, I was still excited to read. The first book was slightly memorable, although a little refresh of ending was needed and then I was away. The books flow so seamlessly into one another, and that was what I liked. The jolty gaps that differed and immediately into action was what was needed. The graphic first scene of the poor hitchhiker were horrific to read, but perfect for the tone of the book and a great opening in my opinion. It gave me a glimpse of exactly what was in store for me.

There was genuine action from beginning to end in this book. There wasn’t a point where I paused, pages poised and thought that I needed to get past this bit. I was gripped throughout every single page. Action like that is hard to upkeep, but was successfully done and to that I applaud.

Another this I applaud Sam Hawksmoor for doing is continuing to avoid the whole clich├ęd romance malarkey. I’m so glad it wasn’t the main focus, and that surviving and succeeding was much more important. It made me want to read, and helped contribute to that fact that the action was maintained.

Through this, I really like the characters within this novel. They are varied, with personalities that don’t clash or are annoying to read. It is refreshing to find that in a novel. I really appreciated it.

I really liked that the story concluded, and then carried on. Placing the characters in a different, ‘normal’ environment meant you could see how they adjust and react. Although quite sad to read, and events that I wanted to whisper no at, for me it made a good ending to the book.

A fantastic sequel, and great read. Unputdownable until the end, with action throughout and a definite recommendation to all.


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