I really enjoyed reading Laura Jarratt’s Louder than Words the other week, so when I read this blurb I thought it would be good to try another mute story. Whilst the cover is beautiful and some elements of the story was wonderful, I found it hard to carry on reading smoothly and found it a while to get through.

Megan doesn’t speak, and hasn’t done for months. Not after what happened. She can deal with pushing people away if it means that they don’t find out what is going on inside her head. But then lively, bubbly Jasmine starts at her school and wants to befriend her. Megan would love to start speaking to Jasmine, but she’s afraid once she starts, everything she’s been holding in will come out.

Initially I thought this would be a good read. I couldn’t wait to uncover the mystery of Megan’s muteness. At first she was a character with many different aspects to her, with a past that I was interested in but also a present that wasn’t completely isolated as I had expected. However, by the time I had got about 100 pages in the inital rush had disappeared from the book and I found myself in a rut. Not massive, but enough to make the book a bit more labourous than necessary.

In the middle I found not only the events to be a bit jaunty, but the writing too. It lost the flow that is needed to make the books one that is pleasently readable. The changes between each paragraph didn’t tie off ends, and they wete disjointed and left loose. I lost my momentum from here and I supposed it sort of unsettled the story from there on in.

Saying that though, I do commend Abbie Rushton for her choice of diversity, without making a massive deal out of it. It was definitely a resounding factor and one of the only reasons that this book wasn’t forgettable to me.

A jaunty book with a well meaning story that could have been executed a little bit better for a smoother read.


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