The Beneath had a good concept, I wouldn’t have picked it up if I didn’t like the blurb. There were so many routes it could have taken, and there were some good parts to the storyline. It was just the execution that lacked. It left me wanting to get through the book as fast as I could – which was hard in itself – so I could finish and move on. Which is a shame, because I hate it when a book makes me feel like that. Especially when the concept was an interesting one.

Lily saves a girl on the tube who spouts about underground civilisation and immense danger from an evil leader. Having no choice but look after the girl, who she is spectical of, she hides her whilst she figures out what to do with her. But once Lily finds herself in the labyrinths underneath London, she discovers that the danger is immanent to London and discovers truths about herself in the process.

Within the first couple of pages I found the book to unfortunately dull, slow and uninteresting. Wanting it to be fast paced, as the events should allude it to be, it instead felt quite an effort to get through even the opening scenes. The scene was set quite vividly, which is always good and I liked the use of the tube, and as it jumped straight into the action it meant there was no faffing with introductions, it still didn’t set a pace that kept it interesting or maintained a tone that was needed to keep me engaged.

The story was jumpy, didn’t flow or capture my attention. Developments jumped or were reached to simply, without any explanation or expansion in the story. I felt like I was missing pages. It lead to a disappointing read as I wasn’t allowed to reach my own conclusions or parts which could have shaped a character were ignored at the end. It made me question why they were mentioned in the first, and felt like they were simply placed there as a filler. It also meant that the characters were explored as in depth and didn’t feel a connection with them. More development on their part would have made the story a lot more interesting. Perhaps more towards the back story in order to understand them better.

To be honest, I only plowed through so that I finished it. And hate it when I feel sour after finishing a book, but this was a bit of a relief when I reached the last page. I’m just sad that I can’t leave a fab review this time…


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