I really liked the previous novels that I had read by Laura Jarratt. They have been sweet, yet thought provoking at the same time, so I always like to keep a look out for titles with her name attached, hence stumbling across this little dime. And let me tell you, she didn’t disappoint. A storyline with a difference, with characters that were great throughout.

Holly has only been Holly for a few months. Changing their names, all but her autistic little sister Katie, Holly’s family have moved across the country to a small village so to hide from people who are out to get them. Being fifteen and in the middle of school is hard enough, but Holly finds it even harder to fit in when she’s trying to figure out who she is, as well as keeping a low profile.

Laura Jarratt creates stories that stick with you for a long time, and this novel is no different. I liked the story a lot and found it quite an interesting read. I read through it smoothly and was genuinely intrigued when it came to knowing Holly’s fate and the direction of the story. It was both captivating and I incessantly wanted to know more.

The storyline was a but bitty storyline in places if I’m honest. If I sat and thought about it, the witnesses protection needed conviction as there was part of it that I struggled to believe in places. However, they were significant to the story and didn’t fault my enjoyment of the read. And dont get me wrong, the style and conviction otherwise was really good.

Characters and writing style definitely made for a pleasant read. Holly, even if a little unsure of herself, was a good protagonist. Her slight changes in personality made her believe able. Her clear dislike for Joe at the beginning did feel a bit forced though, and made it obvious what was going to happen do the line. A little bit more subtle would have been nice. I loved the interaction with Katie and the way that Laura Jarratt represented her. The contrast in reactions to her were ones that really pulled on my heart strings. Job’s reaction just made me love him that little bit more.

A good thought provoking read, that was easy and smooth to get through. Laura Jarratt, definitely an author to pick up again and again.


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