I read Fearless whilst on placement a couple of years ago and loved the way that Emma Pass wrote. There was so much action, and gust! So when I found Acid in the library, I knew I had to get my hands on it and give it a go. And it definitely didn’t let me down. So many twists and turns, this novel was action packed and full to the brim.

100 years into the future and a brutal, controlling police force rule over the country with an iron fist. ACID don’t take kindly to law breakers and punishment is harsh. When a group break Jenny out of maximum security prison for vicious crimes she barelys remember committing and is now on the run. Not being told who broke her out, just having to stay hidden and figuring out what to do next without being found.

I really liked the storyline and concept of this book. It was one that drew me in instantly and didn’t stop until it spat me out again. There were so many twists, with unexpected parts of the narrative, it was honestly a roller coaster of a book. Emma Pass definitely knows how to write a good book.

The characters of Jenny is one that was easy to get along with. I didn’t get frustrated with her actions, and found her more and more fascinating as the book goes on. As she had to shift disguises, there was a consistent personality that shone through and I appreciated. Sometimes when a character goes into hiding their inital persona can get lost and it dulls the character, but instead there remained a fire within Jenny that kept me wanting to follow her story.

I enjoyed the dystopian world that was created in ACID, and loved the predicament that Jenny was placed in. Although I kind of predicted the reason she was there and what actually happened, I didn’t mind as the amount of change in the story made for such a good pace and the predictably didn’t dull the story.

This was a really good, intense and face paced book. Definitely would recommend to be picked up and can’t wait to see what Emma Pass has in store next, as I’m sure it will be just as fab.


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