After being pleasantly surprised with I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson I thought I would give the book that kicked it all off for her a chance. With a wonderfully similar tone, and engaging storyline, this definitely was a novel I enjoyed.

Lennie Walker is like every other seventeen year old. A major bookworm and band geek, her life is running as smoothly as possible. She is happy to stay out of the spotlight and bask in the shadow of her wonderful older sister Bailey, whom she admires deeply. However, when Bailey unexpectantly dies, Lennie’s world comes crashing down and she is unsure of everything, The only one who she feels shares the grief she has is Bailey’s boyfriend and they become close. Then new guy Joe¬†transports from Paris with a magically musical talent and charm that almost pulls Lennie from her grief. The two boys are like the sun and the moon, each comforting Lennie in their own way, but neither can co-exist without Lennie’s world colliding.

There was no way I could have missed this cover, was there? It’s so bright, and the page edges are blue – it made me happy to look at every time I pulled it out of my bag. It is honestly a very positive looking book to have lying around.

The tone to this novel was very very similar to the one I found in I’ll Give You the Sun. Whilst parts of it felt light, bright and breezy, the topics that were covered were quite heavy. It meant that they were covered in a way that wasn’t overtly depressing, but manageable and gave the ability to continue reading without feeling too down. Definitely a good way to cover such topics. The fact that Bailey’s death was at the time in which the book opened, I had the feeling that the book might be very dark, however the way that Jandy Nelson chose to approach it led to many light parts of the book.

The characters were diverse and I found were easily able to get on with. I liked the character of Lennie and Joe as felt they fitted very well together. I was happy to carry on reading through Lennie without getting bored of her actions or tone. However, the complicated relationships that she entailed were another story. It added a tense and uneasy atmosphere to the book, but her questionable morals, which I completely understand led full in her grief, left me with my head in my hands more than once.

The book was a good read, I flew through it as it was easy to get on with and had some interesting themes flowing throughout. However, I have found that after a couple of weeks, it is forgetful and struggle to remember points in the novel, which is a bit of shame, as the bits I do remember were fab.


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