Another twitter spy of mine – I bought this book as soon as I heard about it from another blogger rave. The blurb was intriguing and I was in need of a great holiday read. And this didn’t disappoint one bit. A wonderful accompaniment for the flight home with a story that was full of intrigue and wonder.

Teva seems to have a normal life – great friends, a boyfriend, school. But at home she harbours a secret. Eleven other Teva’s, all stuck in time.

Every year, Teva’s body splits in two. The old Teva gets left behind, stuck in the age she was split. As Teva’s seventeenth birthday roles round she is determined not to end up stuck like the other Teva’s and determined to find a cure. Whatever it takes.

The cover is one of beauty. I love the colours and contortions of the faces. Definitely an allure!

This had such an interesting and different storyline that I was immediately immersed. It had similar echos of The Originals by Cat Patrick and I think that is what drew me in because I adored that book. The choice of using a split person was one that got me interested the most and the route that Kathryn Evans chose to go down with this novel worked really well. At first, I wasn’t sure how the logistics would work, but I was convinced pretty early on that this would be a good read.

The way it was written was so smoothly, it was a pleasure to get through. Some books like this are jumpy, with various ideas sprawling about here, there and everywhere. This book luckily didn’t have that. Following Teva in mission to fit in, and discover herself was one that had a focus without getting lost in other aspects.

The development of characters was one I geniunely wanted to find out. I was intrigued in how there would be different personalities between the Teva’s and how they would interact. The difference that was portrayed was very well executed, each with a personality that portrayed they own experience. The closeness, but also the division between the girls electric, and I honestly would have loved to see more how they interact with each other. I especially loved Fifteen and Teva’s firey relationship. Similar, Teva’s interaction with the ‘normal’ people was fascinating and loved to see how their relationship blossomed, especially those closest to her. I think this was where the novel hit it’s best.

I also loved reading about Teva’s search for a cure. It was inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time as I was routing for a cure, but deep down feared how she wouldn’t. Especially in the help she seeked with her blog. The ending of this book was dramatic, unexpected and a wonderful tie in the end. It was concluded with such drama, it was definitely a fanatic way to finish such an intense book.

This is an absolutely fantastic book with a fascinating story, interesting story and great twists. I would love to see more from Teva’s world, whether it’s before or after these events as I think it would be wonderful to read!


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