This book kept catching my eye. The striking cover and intriguing name kept drawing me in. But I always found another book to take out, so would place this back. The last library hauls through this book was on the shelf and it make its way into my pile. I’m glad I’ve read it now, as it was a intriging look into opposing sides and the great look into such a delicate topic and the subject of loyalty.

Mikey’s sister claims a boy assaulted her. His world starts to fall apart as he wants to see the guys she is accusing suffer. When Ellie’s brother is charged with the offence the world as she knew it seems to break apart. With her family rallying around to his defense, Ellie’s testimony is pinnacle in getting him out. In Mikey’s crusade for justice against his sister, his and Ellie’s paths cross and with two opposing families, their words collide.

The cover to this story has wonderful colours to it and I think this is what initially made it stand out to me. The blurb wasn’t as enticing as I wanted it to be, and after reading th7e novel does not do half the justice it should do. However, the two sides and narratives did catch my eye.

The characters in this novel made for a refreshing read. I like that the view points were from relatives from those that were affected, so removed from the situation but close enough to be affected. I feel that Jenny Downham presented both Mikey’s and Ellie’s perceptions very well and although hot headed at time, very tolerable character to follow. Good choices, I believe.

The themes in this novel were dark and harsh – much like the themes I like to read about. I feel like a novel with such themes that are presented well make for gripping, emotional and impacted filled book. And this book, which explored many angles and view points did such. I had similar feels in this novel as I did to Asking for It, and that was honestly a book and a half.

The approach to this novel was delicately done and the mystery surrounding who was telling the truth made for a more raw reading. Th way that Jenny Downham presented the event wasn’t like a typical novel with themes such as these. It was almost like we, the readers, were the jury until it unravelled at the end. Sympathy was passed between both parties until it became clearer who wasn’t telling the truth and I think this is the reason why it has stuck in my head long after finishing the book.

I’d definitely recommend anyone who desires am emotional roller coaster to read this book. A good presentation and such an interesting read of an incredibly raw topic done so well.


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