This read was slap bang the middle of my on-a-roll spree of fabulously good reads. I picked up a book, within the first couple of pages was captured and sped read right to the very end without so much a breath in sight. And this lent it’s hand to be no different. With topics that interest me to no end, and a wonderful way to present that to me, I am J was a very informative and interesting read to say the least.

J had always grown up believing he was a boy. But as he grew old his body started to betray him, he starts to cover himself up and become invisible instead . However, his best friend deserts him after one fatal incident, J is fed up of hiding. He runs away and decides to start seeking the man he was born to be.

I really loved the theme that ran throughout this book. It was presented in a way that I hadn’t come across in a novel and I really appreciated reading through the eyes of J. It was so blunt and raw; it meant the read wasn’t light hearted, but thought provoking instead.

Some parts of the book were deeply emotional, staying in my mind long after I had closed the pages of the book and I think this is what made the book really stand out to me. Some of the moments that were portrayed in this book were hard to read, or events that aren’t normally breached. Cris Beam wrote about events and feelings from J’s perspective that I was no where near aware of. There was a side represented that I hadn’t really read before and really stirred emotions within me in a way that I hadn’t experienced from a lot of books.

There were some really heart breaking moments to read about, and these kept sticking in my mind. You know you keep reflecting on events that happen in book that they were written with such conviction. Pretty surreal if you ask me.

The story flowed well, no clunks or jolts which is always a good sign. I think this aided the whole ambiance of the novel and meant it was presented in such a brilliant way. J as a character was perfect – his thoughts and fears were exposed in such a way that mind felt accessible to someone who couldn’t even fathom his situation. It was beautiful.

A simply heartbreaking, emotional yet absolutely wonderful novel. A fantastic read that allows those unable to to unlock a fraction of J’s mind in such a beautiful way.


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  1. Tod Carnish says:

    I read this novel last year and really WANTED to like it, but I found it so flooded with terminology and unnecessary details that they distracted me from the story itself. Great review, though, regardless!


    1. Charlotte says:

      Aw no, shame you didn’t like it. I can totally see where you are coming from though. Thank you! You reviews are awesome – really insight and detailed, so it’s even more of a compliment 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tod Carnish says:

        Thanks so much 🙂


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