Now this book was such a lovely and pleasant surprise. I’d left it to the end of my library pile as I feared it would be another love story. But oh, was it so much more than that! I wanted to race through it as the storyline was so good, and pretty damn original. I fell in love with it the more and more I read.

Prenna escaped from a time where an air born virus is wiping out the human race. Those immune have come and escaped to the present day, to hide in plain site until something can be done. Prenna and the others must live and obey rules set by the elders to conceal their identity and keep them safe in the world that isn’t ready for their advances yet. Prenna does as she is told, believing she is helping towards preventing the plague that killed so many in future. That is until, she falls for Ethanol Jarvis.

The characters in this story were such a pleasure to read about. They were tolerable and rational – a lovely surprise in comparison to other stories that I have read. I wasn’t annoyed to read another chapter to listen about a character, I genuinely enjoyed reading about them. This was so lovely, and I highly commend Ann Brashares for creating characters, and maintaining them in this way.

This story was original, and in some many parts of the story I couldn’t wait to see the paths taken by Ann Brashares. The pure excitement of waiting for the next twist, or where the next path was going to lead the story kept me storming through the pages with no want to just hurry up and finish due to frustration, oh no! This was a pure joy to read throughout.

Surprising parts of the storyline kept it interesting throughout and engaging all of the time. Usually I can predict numerous, and at least some of the outcomes that were occurring. However, with this book there were parts that I had no idea were coming, or that that was were I was going to be lead. It contributed to the genuine thrill of reading this wonderful book.

The theme of time travel was done in such a clever way. There are some books concerning the topic of time travel that is questionable, and sometime surprisingly boring. Ann Brashares approached time travel in a refreshing, and interesting manner. It is a time travel school of thought that I had not experienced a lot in my many reads. The numerous time lines were what captured me and I think this is where I fell a little bit in love with this book. The theory of time travel left suspense to be a constant threat throughout and this shadow was moulded brilliantly.

A sheer joy to read, and honestly one of the best time travelling YA book I have ever read. More of Ann Brashares is needed, I think!


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