I don’t think I’ve ever read a 400 page book so quickly, and Sarah Crossan’s YA Book Prize winning novel, One is one that I couldn’t put down once I’d started. The story of Grace and Tippi was a real delight to read, and one that I wanted to continue reading. Once I got used to the style, Grace’s voice flowed beautifully and I could carry on reading their story for a very long time. Sarah Crossan – I applaud you for this fantastic depiction.

Grace and Tippi aren’t typical twins. Conjoined from the hips down, they are used sharing everything and work so well as one.
But when the girls have to start attending school at the age of 15, rather than be home school, Grace is unsure if they will ever fit in and find people who accept them as them.

The perspective of this novel was one that caught my attention, actually. I was attracted to the idea of reading from the perspective of a conjoined twins, and I definitely didn’t let me down. Sarah Crossan portrayed the twins in an insightful and well meaning way. It was so interesting to read about, I felt an honour getting to do so even though it was only fiction.

The way it was written took me a little off guard if I’m being honest, I’m not used to reading in verse, let alone a whole novel. It took me a while to get used to the verse, thus the start of the book was a little slow because of me getting used to it but it sped up completely later when, but then I fell into the flow of the read with ease.

The relationship between the girls was pure gold. To create a bond that was as beautiful as the one that Sarah Crossan had created was special and I believe she captured their relationship wonderfully. It made the story incredibly believable and I really commend her for that. Their perspective on things was fresh and made me enjoy the read that little bit better. I liked that they had to adjust to going to school, as it gave an grwater unstanding of their plight in seemingly normal circumstances. By the end, they were genuinely characters that I fell in love with.

I could kind of foreshadow the outcome, due to the narrative voice of the novel. It was quite crushing to read, even so, and the abrupt ending contributed to that. Although, the quick end made me ‘oh’ a bit and flick the pages back and forth, I think it was a really clever and thought provoking ending.

This book was a real delight to read. I loved the characters, the story and adore Sarah Crossan’s way of writing. I’d definitely recommend it as a must read and am over joyed to hear it has won the YA book prize 2016.


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  1. I’ve just recently been introduced to Crossan’s amazing books. I’ve read ‘Apple and Rain’ and ‘Breather’, which I adored. I have no doubt that I will love this too, once I grab a copy. Thanks for recommending!


    1. Charlotte says:

      This is the first one I have read of hers, so will have to give ‘Apple and Rain’ and ‘Breathe’ a go – they sound like my kind of books. Definitely go grab a copy, you won’t be disappointed!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sorry, I meant ‘Breathe’ not ‘Breather’ 🙂


    1. Charlotte says:

      It is! You should definitely give it try!


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