Ever since I heard that there was going to be a sequel to ‘If I Stay’ (and sorry if you haven’t read the first book, this one kinda spoils the ending by just being there) I’ve thought it would be nice to get my mitts on this book. I wanted to see where Gayle Forman took the next chapter, and with her wonderful style of writing, I was pretty excited. Now, I know I’m a bit late on the band wagon but finally getting my hands on it, and after reading it, I just wished I had picked it up sooner!

It’s been three years since Adam last saw Mia. Three years since she had the terrible accident, and three years since she has been at Juillard, becoming a rising star in the classical world. Adam has become a star of his own as his band become bigger and bigger. The night before the start of his European tour, Adam finds himself with a free evening in New York. There his path crosses with Mia’s where they revisit their past and put things right again.

The follow on from the previous novel was so fitting. There was a decent gap in time between the two novels, without being too close so there is an overload of action, and heartbreak for the two characters but at the same time not too long left so that there is still the same emotions present and not forgotten. This, I think, really aided the greatest of this novel.

I thoroughly enjoyed that the book was from Adam’s perspectives. It was refreshing to hear from his view point as he had a relaxing and gentle tone with a view that added a whole new perspective on their world. It has different qualities and ties than Mia’s voice, in addition to the three year gap, Gayle Forman has giving his narrative a tone that I could carry on reading forever and ever. I definitely preferred that this was in Adam’s voice. It kept a lot of the mystery to the novel, and I genuinely enjoyed discovery about his life.

The way that information was unveiled between how the two came into this predicament and all the reason was done so well. It made sense, without getting confused or over crossing paths that had already been laid and remaining in character. This approach made me want to carry on and not get frustrated.

The development of their personalities was wonderful and actually one of my favourite aspects of the novel. Both Adam and Mia had new characteristics which spanned a whole new side to their story without distracting from the characters Forman had created in If I Stay, and honestly I think it was done for the better and made this book the beauty that it is.

A refreshing and beautiful sequel from Gayle Forman, who’s writing is mesmerising and draws you in from the very beginning. A sequel that should be picked up!


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