I wasn’t sure what to make of this book at first. As with many of my picks, I picked it up as the cover intrigued me and I was interested by the blurb. So I took a chance with it. There were some aspects at the start that I really liked from this book, and others that I found I couldn’t get on with so long. However, this book had a good concept and was a pleasent read in itself.

Gloria is a bored teenage girl, and when a mysterious stranger Uman comes into her life he is hell bent on breaking the rules. With a broken past, Uman is not all he seems. But with promises of adventure, Gloria steps into his world and runs away his venture of luck to seek excitement in her life.

I really liked the way that this story was told. Rather than follow the adventure with Gloria. It is such a good initial first pull, as the ending is almost a foregone conclusion as Gloria is the one you presume is in danger throughout the novel. Recalling the events that had occured in the set up of the police interview added a thrilling begining element. A good start to the book. However, I did find this effect wore off pretty quickly. It feel into the rhthym of Gloria telling it in real time, and lost the past tense.

I found her a bit of an immature character at times and questioned a lot of her decisions. I would have liked more strength on her behalf, rather than being influenced all of the time. I didn’t like that it made her appear weak, when in the police interviews, she sounds like such a sure of her self person. I understand the development there, but it would have been nice to see a little bit of this from the start.

Similarly, I found Uman to be a bit extreme. Balance between the two would have been great. I was desperate to find out about his past, and I think this kept the momentum of the book going. However, I wasn’t as impressed as I wanted to be when it was finally revealed. But hey, it might have been the dip in ‘magic’ that Gloria had experienced too.

The ending was disappointing in comparison to all the excitement alluded to in the book. I was expecting something significant or spectular to finish this book. Instead, I was left a bit sour with the book. Sometimes I feel like an ending is the make or break of a book, and this really teeterd on break with the ending. Which was shame, because it started so strong.

This book was with a slightly different style. I wish the characters had more to them, and the ending was as spectular as the beginning promised to be, but alas overall it wasn’t a bad read.


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