In the lead up to the release of Joss Stirling’s Summer Shadows, I binge read (if that is even a thing) the Benedict series. It started off with me spotting Finding Sky and giving it go, to become totally hooked on the Benedict boys, their Savant powers and the quest to find their Soulfinder. A pleasent series to find on the spur of a library pick up, even when love is a prominent feature.

Sky has a dark past that is even a mystery to herself. One she had buried deep that even she can’t access it. Instead she throws her passion into her music. When she meets bad boy Zed whilst practicing at her new American high school, there is an allure about him that is otherworldly. He also seems drawn to her, and there is more to Zed than Sky could ever imagine

With no prior background knowledge or preconceptions, I was totally unexpecting where this book was going to take me. When it took the route of Savant, and powers I was almost completely blind sided. But it was a pleasent blind side. Because I didn’t see it coming, it made my love for this book soar even more.

I really liked Sky, right from the begining. When the main character is likeable for all the right reasons in the first place, it instantly makes the book a whole lot better to read. The mystery of her background was a great addition as I was desperate to know more about and discover the secret that even she struggled to uncover. She is a diverse character with numerous layers, it meant there were constantly directions to take her in. Honestly, such a well thought out character developed by Joss Stirling, and major props for that!

The ambiance of Zed was so alluring. It was interesting to read about his fascination with Sky, or just the description of the “hot guy” without being icky or over dramatised. Romance done right, and made it bearable to read. I didn’t want to skip it, which is always good.

There was so much action throughout the novel that it was none stop, especially towards the end. Just when i thought the novel could end at one place, bam it doesn’t. Other twists in the tale emerge and kept me on my toes the entire novel.

I am definitely getting my teeth into this series and if the next books are anything like Finding Sky, I know I am in for a real treat. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into Seeking Crystal!


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