You have no idea how hard it was for me to track this book down. I had the others at my disposal,but had to resort to getting this beauty off kindle. I couldn’t wait for delivery dates and waiting for parcels – I needed to read this next installment now! And boy oh boy was I glad that I was impatient for this YA beauty. A wondeful read that fuelled my love for Savant and the Benedict boys.

When Phoenix is given Yves Benedict, an American student, as her mark, her mission is simple. To take something valuable back to the Community so that she can survive. The Community is a group of thieves with supernatural powers who operate under ‘The Seer’. When Phoenix’s mission doesn’t go to plan, the mission unravels her past, whilst creating a future that she couldn’t possibly consider.

Oh boy am I glad I did carry on reading this series. Whilst there were so many elements that remained the same through the book, there were also elements that contrasted Finding Sky and made it a refreshing read.

There was a completely different character in Phoenix and I absolutely adored that. I loved that she was almost on the other side to what had previously been witnessed in the Savant world and gave a whole other perspective that was needed to make this book shine. I liked that her love wasn’t instant and that she was so sceptical about the whole thing. Seeing how her world approached the Savant abilities was so interesting to read about and I think that Joss Stirling made this so good to read about.

I really liked the mix of previous characters to come to the aid. The inclusion of characters from Finding Sky, yet being presented with Phoenix felt like a new read, but that you are now included in this family’s adventures. It made the read that little bit more personable and I really liked that.

The development and blossoming of Phoenix throughout the book was absolutely wonderful to see. The stark contrast in her character in the begining, to the one that closes the book was really refreshing. However, there was no loss in personality in doing this, and she still remained feisty. I loved this about her so am so glad it didn’t get lost in her development.

I thought Joss Stirling was clever in the way that they weaved passed ‘The Seer’ and his clauses. Although I was sceptical at first, and thoroughly thought she was going to have to die herself, the conclusion made for a amicable resolution in a smart way.

The element that did get me was the abrupt wedding. I was glad that even she thought the wedding was bizarre at first – and not just a complete jump because of love. I loved that she had to develop feelings for him and was sceptical about Yves at first. This made the whole Soulfinder process that even more special, and Yves even more devoted. So cute.

Stealing Phoenix is so different to Finding Sky, yet has the same good elements which made the story great. I am loving the Benedict boys even more as the books go on. I can’t wait to find out who seeks next, and how their story will unfold. Bring on Seeking Crystal!


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