I’ve gotten into the full flow of the Benedict books, and genuinely want to be part of the Savant community now. And no, its not down to all the crime they find themselves in, but the fierce loyal that is woven throughout the entire family and the amazing powers they have are ones that I want to be a part of! I flew through this book, as I was engrossed at the events and action taking place. Such a good read!

Crystal has always felt like the dud Savant in her family, struggling to get to grips with even the simplest of things. She can’t seem to grasp her Savant powers. Flunking out of school, she tags along with her sister Diamond on her high flying trips. When Diamond discovers that the oldest Benedict brother, Trace is her sole finder, Crystal couldn’t be happier. When they get back to Venice, wedding plans are set in motion and Crystal is roped into help, along with Trace’s brother Xav. Crystal and Xav don’t hit it off to say the least, but when their family becomes in trouble, they must work together to make sure everyone remains safe.

Number three and I think this is one of my favourite Savant novels. Maybe it’s finally understanding the Savants, so looking forward to the story lines that are being projected, or that I have found a comfy space inside the Benedicts world. Whatever it is, I like it and Joss Stirling needs to carry it on. Getting into the swing of things and how they all operate together makes the read that whole bit more exciting. The fierce loyalties are amazing to see, without being too overbearing. It’s great.

I really like the character of Crystal. She is so down to earth, and completely different to Sky and Phoenix. A refreshing voice to read, yet again. I feel like Joss Stirling can really create a good female that isn’t made of the same formula as all of her other protagonists. Meaning that us lucky readers get to explore every aspect of the Savant world, and see all different experiences that have led them to where they are today. Also, her power that was uncovered I absolutely adored. Such a good addition!

I really liked the concept of this novel. Crystal knew she was a Savant and had been immersed in this world since birth. It meant that there could be another focus, rather than getting to grips with what they could do, or trying to accept the Benedicts. A trust had already been laid, so instead allowed a focus other aspects. I think this made it more fast paced exciting. Also the inclusion of movie set I thought was done really well. I had my reservations when it was first brought into the story, but honestly think it aided the storyline so well, and added an awesome extra element.

I enjoyed that this book had more than just one person coming to turns with their soulfinder. Getting to see the interaction between all of them, and the different reactions of the girls in the same time frame was interesting to read about. The way that they all pulled together throughout the novel was done particularly well too.

Another fabulous read from Joss Stirling. I am adoring the Savant world, and think this book may be my favourite. Bring on the next beauty!


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