After finishing the first trilogy I needed more of a Savant fix, so discovering there was another three books to come meant I was over the moon. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Misty Falls and start cracking on. I knew I was in fot a treat as Joss Stirling hadn’t disappointed me at all yet. And another treat this beauty of a read was! This was another Savant adventure that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Misty is constantly finding herself in trouble. Her outspoken truth-telling Savant gift always finds its way out leaving her in some pretty hairy situations. When she meets cool, calm and collected South African Alex she resolves to keep her distance from him as her gift can only make things between them worse. But when a serial killer start stalking the Savant and murdering young Savants with extraordinary mental powers, Misty and Alex face more danger than just a clash of powers.

This book was slightly different in terms of place and the femtral characters. We don’t focus on and aren’t following a Benedict Soulfinder, which was the main pretense of the previous three books. Misty is still related to previous characters – she’s Crystal’s niece and this connection means that the boys are still heavily featured in the story. Joss Stirling figures out ways to introduce more the Benedict clan. It is great to see the development of the characters and their relationship that we had previous become in invested, especially Sky and Zed. Also, we were taken to a different continent for the begining of this story. It really helps hone home how wide the Savant community is. We are taken back to England, and the US later on the book though.

I found the character of Misty was fair-natured, good and a pleasure to read through. I wanted to find out more about her without finding her overbearing, and found her very similar in nature to Crystal. But this was definitely a good thing. I enjoyed learning about her more, and how her life had been fully submerged in the Savant world. Such a good angle, I believe. As she is established as being raised in the good Savant community with friends and family that thoroughly supported her, it was a wondeful angle to take after the first three books.

The sheer amount of stories that were threaded throughout the novel was great! There was always something new within the story and so much to keep a handle on, but there wasn’t too many that I felt lost. A fantastic balance to keep the adventure momentum continuously going. I loved the development on from the first trilogy, to create even more diverse Savants. Developing in skills gained in the previous novels were wonderfully woven through this novel. Love it when you have a little bit of inside knowledge because you’ve invested in such a good series.

I’m completely intrigued as to where we are going next with the Savants. I’ve started on Angel Dares already, so keen to get more Savant down low. This was a good read, I really liked it and although not my favourite Savant novel – a good addition to the series.


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