Finally finished the fifth book in the series (well, second in the sub series but feels like the fifth as I’ve read them consecutively) that looks at Savant seeking their soulfinders. I flew through this book yet again ¬†and liked this fifth installment from Joss Stirling.

Angel is impulsive with a water ability that she doesn’t always control. But she is also a talented Violinist and singing so when her band are asked to play their first music festival she can’t wait. There she meets the brooding Marcus, and they really don’t hit it off. But when Angel listens to Marcus play his own music, her soul sings. But Marcus refuses to accept Angel and who she is. And with an anti-Savant group closing in on the festival, it is time for everyone to chose a side.

These covers need so much recognition, it’s unreal. They are all so beautiful, with their floral and swirly designs – they definitely are appealing to the eye. I think they are getting better and better.

Hmm, although I still love the Savant stories, this one didn’t make it to the top of my favourite one. This in no way means it is bad at all. I just wasn’t as invested with Angel’s story as I was with previous Savants, even if her character was a favourite of mine in terms of personality. I don’t know if it lacked the amount of action that was jam packed in the other books – however, I did love the variety of characters and atmosphere created in the book. It was still amazing!

A good theme was interweaved and I loved the music festival vibe that I didn’t think I would like as much as I actually did. I adored the affiliation of music and the incorporation of this, reminds me Finding Sky and that initial magic.

I found it very interesting that there are Savants that are unaware as much as Kurt, Marcus and Margot were, but I couldn’t find it as convincing as I thought I could. I really liked the concept, but thought that a bit more time could have been exploring that. Maybe in the next book? That would be exciting.

Angel and Marcus’s relationship dithered quite a lot, in comparison to others. There were echoes of Phoenix and Yves so much. There were a couple of points where I just wanted their relationship to move on a little, but only slight bits in the book.

I loved Angel’s brash and outgoing personality, contrast to some of the other Savant’s narrative that have been read. She was a fresh read, and I loved being part of her journey. I definitely think this was my favourite aspects of the book and really kept me interesting. Angel may be one of my favourite Soulfinder, her personality making up from anything else I wasn’t so sure on in the book.

One thing I would have liked more focus on the action and capture. I know this had been heavily done in the previous novels, but this is what i love about the books. But then, it was good to have a novel not so action packed, and focus on the normal life – if you can call it that – of a Savant. I did feel the ending was a little rushed too, and that Davis was caught too far towards the end. But then this could lead to more exploration in Summer Shadows maybe? That would be nice and a great flow between the books, even if mentioned later on as it was a brilliant flow from Misty Falls.

I really liked Angel, and although not my favourite it was another good Savant novel. I’m super excited about Summer Shadows, and am already half way through.


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