Oh, that was just as beautiful as I could have asked for. A magnificent story, wonderful and complex protagonist and so much action and adventure it could burst. I just wish the book was a bit longer. A fitting end to the Savant series that pleased me to no end.

Summer lives in a shadow at home that drains her. So when offered a high staked mission, the temporary reprieve is a blessing in disguise. There she meets Hal, a solider who’s determined to win and complete his mission with all the focus he can. But when the stakes get raised, so must their trust between each other to make sure they can succeed.

This is by far my favourite cover. It is absolutely gorgeous with the bits of gold. So mesmerising and perfect for this book, and the name of it definitely attributes to that. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – these covers are to die for.

This book started off immediately into Summer’s family life and it was so different from the others. I knew from what had been mentioned before that her home life was far from desirable and had feared the worst, wondering how Joss Stirling wad going to approach it. However, whilst some bits were so saddening, it was as horrific as I had thought. There was a similar feeling surrounding as there was in Stealing Phoenix’s. I think this element made me like Summer and this book even more immediately as it was all laid out.

Summer’s Savant vampire mum was a brilliant addition. The ties to mental health I though was great and just show that there is a darkness to the Savant abilities. I would have liked to hear more about her brother as I felt it would have been a great angle to explore.

The shortness of the book meant the action was continuous and there were no slow bits in this novel, each page was jam packed and carried on the story. Although it was inevitable, I was stil glad all of the Benedict boys got their soulfinder as it rounded the series off lovely.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure of the Robinsons or Hal straight away. I thought them to be brash and unnecessary as they hadn’t been mentioned before, yet all of a sudden took over. I also wasn’t a fan of Hal’s name, especially when the Benedict brothers were all blessed with such wonderful ones. I felt they undermined the Benedicts, which was maybe why I didn’t like them and their whole demeanour felt forced. I understand it was to cause friction between them and Summer, but if I’m honest I think giving them a bit more personality would have really aided it. Get to know them a bit better. But then, the soulfinder rush meant there was that unexpected which is always good, as it happened quicker than I expected even though I knew it was going to happen.

The end *and sorry for the spoilers* linked the criminal activity throughout most of the books and I really appreciated that. Always good to end a series with a continuous link. Props there.
This was up there with some of my favourite Savnt books, with its goregous cover and the wonderful Summer. Honestly, I’m just sad that there are no more to read. Joss Stirling – these have been great. Thank you!


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