I can’t quite believe that this adventure is over. No more books in the pipe line, we’ve finally said good bye to the Lorien. You have no idea how excited I was when this book was announced- one more than initially promised. And with what a bang did this book go out on. Action from cover to cover, I was immersed one final time in a world I have loved.

The Mogadorians have kept their ships over Earth, hell bent on invading. The Garde have gone into hiding, with the help of the military, whilst all major cities are being evacuated. Humans with new Legacies are popping up all over and are in imminent danger. With the Mog’s threatening to advance at any moment, John and the Garde know they must act fast and tactically. With so many lives in danger, and John feeling like he has nothing else to loose, he must become the ultimate weapon and take down Setrakus Ra by any means possible.

Skipping happily home on Tuesday evening with this tucked firmly underneath my arm – two days before its actual release. Cracking the spine, I dove straight into the pages as if I had never left, let alone 10 months between books. The action picked up straight where it was left in The Fate of Ten and this was great. I could immerse myself straight into the action without having to piece parts of the story together. Having the ability to do that was great and even down to I didn’t have to check the blurb to make sure what I was reading.

The writing was just as brilliant as ever. These two authors are seriously two of my favourite writers. Their tone and pace are spot on, and it is never a chore to read books like this. I normally sped through these books,  but this one took me a couple of days. It wasn’t because I wasn’t interested or found it dull. Instead, my pace was slow, even when all of the action was kicking off, so that I could savour and then devour every piece of this book. I meant I could hang onto this final chapter just as long as I wanted to. I really appreicated this as I could carry the story on for longer than I normally would and keep the book blues at bay for longer. Despite it taking longer to read, the action kept wonderfully.

The ending was inevitable, and I knew it was going to end that way. There was no other way it could have ended without creating an almighty uproar. It was just left on the edge as to how many lives would be lost throughout and devastating blows would be dealt out beforehand. There were a couple of soft noo’s mumbled to myself, but no where near the devastation unveiled at the end of the last book. Which I think was a good thing, as they didn’t conclude with just waving a Death wand to each and every character. It made for a more tactful ending.

I loved that Sam and Six got more of a focus in this book, as I thought their blossoming relationship was delightful to read about and added a bit of light in the darkness that surrounded this novel. Maintain Sarah’s death – which I wasn’t sure if they were going to or not – was the best move as the development of John of needed in this novel to make it become what it was. And, to be honest I was never team Sarah in the first place. Although John becoming slightly darker was harder it read, it was needed for the impact that this novel brought.

I loved reading about the further aftermath of the humans getting Legacies, and the consequences that came about. Some of the most heartbreaking scenes I read were the humans being unexpectably thrown into war with little training and the consquences. Luckily only a couple had that fate. The development of the Mogadorians and their ‘legacies’ was such a good twist and interesting dynamic to the book as well.

I adored the epilogue and was just what I needed for a satisfactory ending to this magnificent series. It didn’t completely round everything off like some epilogue do, but made it so that I knew where everyone was placed in life, even if not good and did open up for further development. Complete closure would have been sad to read.

I had an absolutely fantastic time on the adventure with the Lorien Legacies. I’m sad it is over but this last book has given me everything I wanted and more.


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