After sitting in on the Revolution talk at the recent YALC (which was so good and incredibly insightful by the way) I got exposed to some wonderful novels that have a theme of revolution. One of those was Simon Mayo’s Blame. After listening to him talk passionately about this novel, and with a plot that seemed fascinating, I knew this would be a YALC purchase of mine. Once I started on the first chapter, I knew I’d made the right decision.

Heritage Crime has come into effect in many parts of the world, including the UK. That means for lots of people – such as Ant, her brother Matt and foster parents – they are serving the time for their parents, or even grandparents crimes. Subject to harsh conditions, but at least able to stay with her family, Ant tries everything and anything to defy authority, she has done nothing to warrant her being there, so why should she be there apart from the Heritage Crime law. But when she causes havoc not only in her prison, the the two adjoining prison swarmed with the real criminals, she gets more than the attention she wants for the injustice she and her family have been put in.

This is such a bold front cover full of bright colours. It stands out and you can’t miss it, very much like Ant. It is definitely going to look good on my book shelf.

The character of Ant is one that is so interesting and different. She is bold, brash and the kind of character that is to be admired. Her determination to stand up for everyone who has been done wrong is portrayed so well, and traits that make me want to follow her narrative. A good strong character to follow which was good. The goose tattoos I found I really couldn’t picture them, only thinking them garish. However, after googling what they could look like they could look really good actually.

There were so many diverse characters in this book, which was wonderful. It would be nice to see a few more different reactions to the Heritage Crime punishment as it was pretty black or white. I’d love to see a different point of view.

I loved the entire concept of this book and played out really well. I initially wanted this book after hearing Simon Mayo talk about it, and hoped his hype lived up to expectation. And it absolutely exceeded it. There was so much action packed in, I honestly can’t get over how much happened in the one book.
Anticipation throughout was created really well. There were time when I wanted to carry on reading, because I couldn’t go to sleep on the last chapter. That is the sign of a brilliant book.
Also, what I loved about the book whas that you can see it actually happening in reality. I adore when I read a book that does that as I think I can come a bit more invested in it.
This book was brilliant. I loved the story, the characters and writing. Honestly a must read, and I hope there are more books to come!


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