Hmm. I normally love Sophie McKenzie. Her Girl, Missing books were the stuff of me growing up and helped re-kick start my love of books. So, spying this in a recent library visit meant I had to have a read of it. I mean, it’s Sophie McKenzie. What could go wrong? Instead, I was left with a little bit of a bitter taste in my mouth. Such a shame.

A typical Sophie McKenzie cover – I like it. It held a promising start that unfortuneately didn’t translate successfully for me.

There were two questions that i couldnt help but ask myself throughout the entir book. Where was the complication and Where was the drive? Without these two key elements, which I struggled very hard to get a grasp of, I found it hard to engage with the book and get fully immersed into it.

I felt it all to be very basic. The characters were flat and one sided, and it was very direct, which wasn’t always a good thing. Evie was self-centred, egotistical and demanding. Her character was portrayed as though she thought the world revolved around her. It was too much to take on board, even for a protagonist. She made poor snap decisions that made me audibly groan into my book. She was an effort to get along with not at all like the other protagonists developed by Sophie McKenzie previously. I couldn’t engaged with her at all in the slightest.

I don’t think it helped that I guessed the mystery as soon as it started, which took away the element of mystery that I love to try and guess. Being unable to try, it took away the thrill of the read that I normally latch onto and adore.

Similarly to the character traits of Evie, the reasoning that was put forward for doing actions lacked in conviction and ambition. It made the story bland, especially as there was no wonderful language or beautiful descriptions. I feel uninspired by the novel, which saddens me.

I adored the Girl, Missing series, and this unfortuneately was no where near up to par. Lack of storyline, poor mystery and annoying characters meant I was glad when I finished the book. I’ll still read Sophie McKenzie but there will a slight reservation with her next one.


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